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B Home:

Here you will find lots of cars. Whether you are looking for the General Lee or a Convertible Coronet or maybe a GTX or Roadrunner....

You'll probably find it here and if you don't drop me a line I'll dig one up. I found all of these on the net, I'm sure I can find more.

Now The cars........

B-5 68 Hemi Charger:
Yellow 69 Hemi Charger:
Black 69 Charger RT:
Another view of above Charger:
Hemi Orange 69 Charger:
Dark Red 69 Charger:
B-5 69 Coronet RT Convertible:
B-5 69 Coronet Wagon with vinyl roof: Anybody know if this could be something stock?
B-5 69 Superbee:
Forest Green 69 Satellite:
Black 70 Charger 500:
White 70 Charger:
A pair of 70 Superbees:
Hemi Orange 70 Superbee:
White 70 superbee:
Hemi Orange 70 GTX:
Burnt Orange 70 GTX:
Sublime '70 GTX:
Yellow 70 Roadrunner:
Panther Pink 70 Roadrunner:
The General Lee:
Another view of The General:
The General From Behind: