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Big,    Bad    and    Fast!

Well folks, I'v not had the pleasure of owning a buick but I have had the pleasure of driving a '76 Regal V6 (can you say slug?), an '86 Buick Regal V6 (fast but no torque) an '86 Buick Grand National (blindingly fast) and an '87 GNX (ludicrus speed) and I can say that I've enjoyed the Turbo cars immensely and would have enjoyed the other '86 more if it had been a V8 or turbo.

Now don't jump back and think I'm a Turbo kid here. What I want is a '68-'71 Regal wagon with a 455 under the hood and plenty of power to spare. And some nice open road. Like Montana, maybe. Oh and paint the wagon Saturn Yellow.

Oh and I possesed a '46 Roadmaster but it never ran. Anybody got any pictures of any?

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