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Welcome    to    the    land    of    stuff    with    no    other    place    to    go

This land is not for everyone as it contains some very controversial stuff.

This land may or may not contain partial nudity, bondage, adult themes, wacky stuff, adult anime, smashed up cars, bad websites, barney and funny looking plants.

If you see a warning that says ADULTS ONLY, please heed that warning as we are making them for your own good. I know these warnings seem mundane and repetitive, especially since you see them everywhere you go but they are only aimed at idiots that don't already know that they are doing something they shouldn't. If you use The Hell Homepage to look at something you shouldn't, I hope you're caught and exposed before your peers and givin' 100 lashings with a broken fan belt. And you can ask Melmar, that hurts.

So again proceed with caution because you are being watched. After all the government has satellites that can look in through your curtains and see every one of the words that I have typed appear on your screen so I can not be held liable for anything STUPID that you might do because some goddamb psycotic impulse went off in your head and you decided to kill your nieghborhood because of something you saw here.

However, if this page in any way improves your life, we here at Ellvis Inc. will gladly take full credit for your enlightening experience.

Have a nice day.

And remember, last one out please feed the Alligators.

Misc. Galleries

My Pamela Anderson Gallery: Contains my five fave pics of Pammy

Read the sign.
Synthetic corpses for sale
Not for the squeamish. But then if you're interested in buying a fake corpse, you probably aren't squeamish.
"Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience" -Bizarre Magazine
Gallery of the Gruesome
You know what you always wanted to see when passing an accident scene on the highway?
Waiting to Inhale
Just the thing for after you come home from a hard day at the office. Watch a poor woman suffocate.
On the Rack
Ever wondered just how they used all those midevil torture devices? Perhaps you'd like to try one on your spouse.
The unofficial Dancin Baby Home Page
Just in case you haven't seen it yet.
Drunk baby and dancing hebrew baby
Yes folks watch the baby swig down some beer and pee all over the place.
Child Prodigy and Car crash Baby
For those of you sick of the Baby
David Hasselhoff is the Anti-Christ
Need I say more?
Bert is Evil
The corrupt genius behind the smiling facade of Sesame Street is revealed

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seattle, WA
United States