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668 Palm Canyon Road
Three houses past the big old palm tree
On the left, with the huge purple two car garage
next door to the Beast.

This   idea   was   inevitable.   Too   many   late   nights   staring   at   the   net   in   a   dark   room   I   guess.

Well folks what do ya expect with a name like Galaxie, eh?

I love cars and everyday I see atleast one car that I think Now hey that car is Goth.
It doesn't happen simply because I see a black car. Black does not make a goth. It's just a feeling I get when I see them.
If you think this is a foolish endeavor, you probably shouldn't be here.
besides it's three a.m. and weird ideas come about at this hour. Not to mention bad spelling. So if you see anything that's spelled wrong. I'll fix it later.