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First we start off with Ghostwheel (or as I call him "Ghosty", Hell Transportation Minister.
Mnementh is in charge of transportation in Hell, I personally recruited him from Indianapolis Indiana because I liked his car. I got him stoned and then I commandeered his both him and his car. He has been a member of the Hell Staff ever since and is one of the members of the Hell Staff that has survived the latest round of firings/promotions.
He has also been promoted to manager of the Massage parlor since the previous manager Emerald Jym has been promoted to a position with "The Big Man"

(update 4-3-99)
Ghosty has been running the massage parlor well enough that he has been given a "leave of absence" to go back to earth and visit his family.

(update 7-29-99)
Ghosty has come back from his leave of absence and has now been back and forth between Earth and Hell, much like myself. Not really much to update on Ghosty which is good. ghosty did send me a new pic of himself for his file and I am presenting it too you here.

Khat   and   Galaxie

Khat is the one on the drivers side of the car in the picture. I am behind the car.

I am ofcourse Manager, Supervisor, Director and President of Hell. I am in charge of things. I'm the one with the hiring and firing power because I have the contract from "The Big Man."

Khat is one of my personal assistants as well as "Procurer of the Nine Headed Cows." I do not nor do I want to know where Khat gets the Nine Headed Cows. As long as they continue to produce milk and do not piss me off then I am happy and don't have to blow them up. Which ofcourse Khat finds rather annoying because he then has to go procure another.

black souls have passed through these doors.

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