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The following is the list of Hot Wheels FEs for 1999 that I want:

Olds Aurora #5 0f 26
Pontiac Rageous (with tinted not black top) #7 of 26
Tee'd Off #8 of 26
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup #9 of 26
Fiat 500C #10 of 26
Phaeton #14 of 26
Screamin Hauler #15 of 26
Ford GT40 #16 of 26
Jeepster #17 of 26
Turbolence #18 of 26
Pikes Peak Tacoma #19 of 26
360 Modena #21 of 26
56 Ford Truck #22 of 26
Chrysler Pronto #23 of 26
Porsche 911 GT1-98 #25 0f 26
Mercedes CLK-LM #26 of 26

I'm also looking for the following from the segmnet series:

"Buggin Out" Baja Bug #4 of 4
"Pinstripe Power" 3-window 34 #1 of 4
"Pinstripe Power" Tail Dragger #2 of 4
"Surf 'N Fun" Chevy Nomad #4 of 4
"X-Treme Speed" Porsche Carrera
"Terrorific" At-A-Tude #1 of 4
"Terrorific" Cat-A-Pult #2 of 4
"Terrorific" Sweet 16 II #3 of 4
"Classic Games" Escort Rally #4 of 4
"Sugar Rush" 70 Roadrunner #1 of 4
"Sugar Rush" Jaguar XK8 #2 of 4
"Sugar Rush" Pikes Peak Celica #3 of 4
"Sugar Rush" Dodge Concept Car #4 of 4
"Cartoon Friends" Saltflat Racer #1 of 4
"Cartoon Friends" XT-3 #2 of 4
"Cartoon Friends" Double Vision #3 of 4
"Cartoon Friends" Lakester #4 of 4

I am also interested in many of the regular line cars #'s 989 and Higher as well as many 1997 and earlier FE, mainline and segment series cars. E-mail me to let me know what you want and what you have that you would like to trade. If you are the winner of one of my yahoo auctions and you want to make a trade let me know by e-mail and we'll work something out. Since when trading we both must pay postage, you will not have to pay postage on any of my cars in a trade, I will cover that myself. Also let me know when bidding on an auction by e-mail if there is something that you have to trade, so you don't get outbid if it is something that I want.

I'm also looking for a few older Hot Wheels such as the Poison Pinto in Green and the Chevy van that Hot Wheels produced in many varieties in the 70's (varieties included Khaki Kooler, Thor Van etc.) these cars need not be in perfect condition and can be in played with condition.

Am also looking for other cars in played with condition.

For me bubble condition is not extremely important as I remove all of my cars from the bubbles for my personal collection (insert gasp here) and all cars that I am looking for on this page are to be added to my personal collection. What is important to me is condition of the car itself (atleast for the newer cars.) If you have anything that I am looking for and it is not in the bubble e-mail me with the details.

Matchbox that I want will appear here soon. mostly I am interested in 99's and 99 color variations. I believe I have all that I want of the 98s.

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