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Well folks, here we are. The first official page of the Impala (and Big Chevies) list serve.

I've been asked why I decided to create the Impala (and Big Chevy) list serve. And my answer is basically, I saw the need for one, so I filled it. I've always had a fondness for these huge cars myself. There's just something mystifying about two tons of sheet metal driving down the road. especially with the rumble of dual exaust, a big block engine and a four barrel carb.

This is my first List-Serve so I thought it appropriate that I put it's official page on the first home site that I ever put together.

This site will grow soon. Though I currently do not have the ability to upload files from my hard drive to my website, so it will be awhile before anything spactacular happens here.

So if you love the full sized chevy, or heck, if you just love Chevies, feel free to sign up.

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Go here to subscribe to the Impala and Big Chevies E-mail list serve
You wanna communicate with a bunch of other car nuts, I know you do.....
The New Home of the Impala and Big Chevy website
Hey what can I say? There's not enough room for both sites here.
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