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Liks   to   the   friends   and   associates   of   HELL

Below you will find links to the friends and aquaintances of Hell and it's upper management. Please enjoy the ride and remember if you see anything scary, don't be alarmed. You are afterall in HELL!!!!!!!

Links to members and friends of HELL

The Realms of The Manic Mistress of Looniness
This is the wonderful land of Melmar Pixie Queen; Vice President of Hell and owner of Melmar's Pleasure Palace.
The land of Anitra; Inspiration to all Hell artists.
This site is cool and has links to all her many other intersting sites.
A site run by Emerald Jym; Master Masseusse of Hell
Home of Mnemeth; Hell Transportation Chief
A site I haven't visited but will soon
The Realms of Orion
Home of one of the few people to succesfully escape from Hell.
My other site
currently under construction.............coming soon to a pc near you.
Jason F Dean's land of the extreme
A brand new site an old friend decided to put up. It's still under construction and it's not for everyone.

And now associates of Hell..............

Real Change
The site of Seattles Homeless newspaper.
Streetlife Gallery
The site of the wonderful StreetLife Gallery
Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project
The name speaks for itself.
The StreetWrites web page
This site is for a homeless and low income writer's group of which I am very involved in and have been since the beginning.
Home of the Speakeasy Internet Cafe in Seattle Wa.

This page has been abused times.

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