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The   beauty   of   the   Mustang

Ahh, the stories I could tell you of the Mustang, born April, 17, 1964 but I have neither the time nor the space. Especially since if I tell you the stories The Washinton State Police, just might figure out that I was in the airborn Mustang infront of thier station.

Mustang Galleries

Special Service Mustangs: You don't want these in your rear view mirror.
'64 to '66 Mustangs: The first of thier kind.
67/68 Mustangs: My favorites
69/70 Mustangs: Getting Bigger
1971-73 Mustangs: Behemoths
1974-78 Mustangs: Mustang II
1979-93 Mustangs: The Fox Body Cars
1994 to present: New and Improved
Shelby Mustangs: Stripes, lots of Stripes.