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United States

Welcome   to   the   NEW   Nova   gallery

Well folks with all the Novas I have here and all the Novas I have on the way, I thought it was about time that I organized my Nova Galleries.

Finally Nothing moves, concrete rolling below the asphalt drive, err, uh, I mean here's some Novas too look at.

On to the Novas

1962-65 Chevy II and Nova
The original, look for the wagons here
1966/67 Chevy II and Nova
Boxier but still classic
1968-72 Chevy II and Nova
The Nova everybody has either owned or knows somebody that has
1973/74 Novas
The bumpers on these cars are huge!
1975-79 Novas
Disco Novas. My Favorites.
Toyota Nova
The NoGo Nova. Toyota needs to recall these and put the Corolla badges back on.
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