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1962   to   1965   Chevy   II   and   Nova

Not my fave years ofcourse but the wagons from these years really look hot. If only GM had made some Nova Deliveries, eh? If you'd like you picture featured here, feel free to drop me a line. As always I must note that most of these pictures were gleaned off of the net, so if you see something of yours that you want me to remove, notify me and I will immediately.

The Novas

62 Nova: Pro
62 Nova: Black
62 Nova Convertible: Blue
63 Chevy II 4 Door: Blue
63 Chevy II Convertible: Red
63 Nova SS Convertible: Red
63 Nova SS: White
63 Nova: Drag Racer
63 Chevy II Wagon:
63 Nova Wagon: Burgundy
63 Nova Wagon: Looks like a good project to me
63 Nova Wagon: Tan (may be primer)
64 Nova: Blue w/ARE Outlaws
64 Nova 4 Door: Grey
64 Nova SS: Red
64 Nova: White w/Ralleys
64 Nova: White also w/Ralleys
65 Chevy II: A nice Lil' Hotty
65 Nova: Burgundy
65 Nova Wagon: Nice little custom Wagon with Dark Tinted Windows and great FLAMES!