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1966/67   Chevy   II's   and   Novas

This is actually my second favorite Nova Body Style and I think that they're pretty neet. The standard disclaimer applies, I get my pics from the net and news groups so if you see something here that belongs to you and you want it removed, drop me a line and I'll remove it. On the other hand if you would like you car in this gallery, I can also accommodate that.

On towards the Cars

66 Chevy II Wagon:
66 Chevy II: Blue
66 Nova: Hot Rod Power Tour Long Haul Car
66 Nova: Blue
66 Nova SS: Black
66 Nova: Yellow
66 Nova: Yellow
67 Chevy II Pro Street: Black
67 Chevy II Pro Street: Different view of above
67 Nova: Blue with White Racing Stripes
67 Nova: Different View of above
67 Nova: Blue
67 Nova: Looks like a good project to me
67 Nova: red
67 Nova SS: Gold
67 Nova SS: Red
67 Nova SS: Red
67 Nova Wagon: Blue
67 Nova Wagon: Drag
67 Nova: Turquiose
67 Nova 2 Door Sedan: Red
67 Nova: Doin a wheelie

More stuff

68-72 Novas
Third generation
Nova Home
Galaxie's Home

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