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68-72   Novas

Is there anybody that hasn't or doesn't know somebody that has owned one of these things. Eddie Murphy drove one in Beverly Hills Cop and you can't hardly but watch nearly any cop show from the 70's and not see one in the background somewhere. This is the car that I have taken to affectionately calling the "CHiPs Nova" because I don't think I've ever seen an episode with out one in the background somewhere.

And now, Novas......

68 Nova Drag: Black
68 Nova Drag Racer: Red
68 Nova Drag Racer: White
68 Nova Drag Racer: Another view of above
68 Nova: Grey
68 Nova: Blue ProStreeter
68 Nova SS: Red
69 Nova: Blue and needing help
69 Nova SS: Black
69 Nova: Blue
69 Nova Drag Racer:
69 Nova Hot Rod: Black
69 Nova: Beautiful Sunset Pearl
69 Nova on Drag Strip: This car was sent to me but I do not remember by whom.
69 Nova: Black
69 Nova: Silver
69-70 Novas: Sergio's Cars
70 Nova: Red Custom
70 Nova: Blue
70 Nova: looks almost like it's straight out Of Beverly Hills Cop
70 Nova: Laser Red
70 Nova SS: Grey 350 car (Big Picture)
70 Nova SS: Black
71 Nova: White with Cragar S/Ss
71 Nova 4 door: Blue
71 Nova SS:
71 Nova: Black & Burnin Out
72 Nova: Blue

The Nova God has been worshipped times.

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