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Operation Sack Lunch; Food from the heavens

I've been meaning to do this as long as I've had this website. Been about 18 months now. I'm dedicating this page to Operation Sack Lunch and Beverly Graham whom has played a large role in helping yours truly get where he is today, wether or not she knows it.

Operation: Sack Lunch is a non profit 501(c)(3) outreach program which began in 1990 in the kitchen of our founder, Beverly Graham, to feed and assist homeless and poverty-level persons. A program which started with 30 lunches has now in its tenth year of operation, served over 400,000 meals and continues to provide basic necessities, such as sleeping bags, blankets, clothing, temporary housing, and education assistance.

I myself have been homeless in Seattle and a friend of mine (Malachi)introduced me to Beverly and I became a volunteer for Operation Sack Lunch myself. When I go back to Seattle I again intend to volunteer for Operation Sack Lunch.

Above from left to right:

Galaxie S, Starliner (aka Johnny, but only if you're Beverly)
Beverly Graham (Founder of OPSACK)
Huni-katt (Manager and Bartender of the Hell Bar)
Emerald Jym

There are many other members of Opsack which the orginization couldn't live without. But to learn more, you're just going to have to follow the link on this page.

Click here for Operation Sack Lunch: