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And   now   the   work   of   Galaxie   Starliner

On this page you'll get to see and explore what's going on inside my head. Some of it isn't pretty but trust me, the deeper you go, the scarier and more fun it'll get. There is no order in which the poetry appears. Well actually it appears in the order that I type it in to this inferno machine.

So step on in carefully and whipe your feet as it is muddy enough inside my head without the crap on your feet too.


A Bad Driving Experience 11/12/97

Fire on the wheel
Burning into the spokes
Lighting the tires
Burning up into the car
The carburator lights in a

flash of yellow and red
The fuel lines ignite
And the gas tank flares up
Just a big yellow ball

And the Dambed air conditioning
still won't work!