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Sea-Goth links

Deadrose's Homepage
A site belongoing to a wonderful person whom is currently allowing me to reside upon her couch.
Cithra's Homepage
Haven't been there yet but soon as I swing by I'll lob a short description your way.
Our fearless list-serve leader; Hardrock maintains this wonderful site. And yes, I've actually been there and it's cool. Besides I'm also residing upon his couch.


Every Sunday Night 9pm-2am
Gothic and Industrial Music with DJ Reverend Web
$2 wine and well drinks

At the University Sports bar
5260 University Way
(206) 526 1480
No Cover, 21+
Bring your ID

I've never actually been to Sanctuary myself but many sea-goths have and I understand that it is way cool and a great place to run into other sea-goths.

By the by, if anybody knows. I'm really curious as to why and how we got the University Sports bar for Sanctuary. It just seems an ironic locale to me.

Well, at first I was just intending to add links to the sea-goth folks and that's all but I thought, gee why don't I throw in some info for us too?

First off this will in no way be a comprehensive list, however if you have something you think I should add like the names, adresses and hours of some of our hangouts, that would be lovely. Also concerts and events that might interest us. Or if you happen to be a Seattle Goth yourself and are an artist or in a band or what have you and have an event of your own coming up, feel free to drop me a line and I'll throw it on here for you.


This door has been kicked down times.

Vashon Island, WA

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