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And    now    onto    the    Hell    Staff

Yes folks as I have promised, links to the Hell Staff and thier varied projects will follow here on this wonderful loony little page. So remember what ever you do, don't go through the green door.


Hell staff links

anitra's realm of the little things that amuse her.: anitra has been a member of the Hell Staff for quite a while and is also a member of the Hell Board of Directors. as soon as we figure out what she does, we'll tell you. Or she will.
The realms of Emerald Jym: Jym has moved upto the "Big Man's" house but I'm going to keep his link on the staff page until it expires.
Mnementh's house.: he lives here, i don't know what he does, I'm afraid to go in.
Dr. Wes' House: Though Dr. Wes is not actually an employee of Hell, since he's Anitra's Sweetie and we don't know what she does anyway, who am I to say he doesn't work here? I'm only in charge of the place.
My Home Site: yes folks if you wann see what I do when I'm not managinging Hell, this link will get you to the Home page.

Pictures of the Hell Staff

Hell Staff pics
Pretty Scary