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I'm Tiffany. I'm a 30 year old Crossdresser from Seattle. I'm also terribly kinky. I love to be spanked and fucked. I love to suck cock and I swallow.

Right now I'm looking for the right person/couple for a 24/7 power/exchange.

I love to be a bad girl too. Do you have what it takes to control me? 206 265 9101 ask for Tiffany
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I'm into a lot of fetishes. Spanking/whipping, BDSM, mild or heavy bondage, sensory deprivation, forced drinking, fisting, oral, needle play, wax play, forced servitude, rough sex etc.

As I have just lost my living space I am now looking for a place to stay. I'd love to work out a 24/7 Power Exchange, where I would be a slave in exchange for a place to live.
I would also be intersted in working out a sex for housing type deal with someone who doesn't share my fetishes, but just wants a "girl" to lay around and be ready to be fucked or suck cock or eat pussy etc.
I can also do yardwork and chores, but my cooking skill is pretty limited.
I also spend the majority of my time wearing womens clothing. If I have the choice I'll take a nice dress or skirt and top with nylons and heels over a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers any day. I'll also wear any or exclusively clothes that you provide. I've yet to work ou make up and am looking for someone to assist me in learning.

Short term or long term. I can stay for as little as a day or two and I can stay for as long as you/we want/decide.