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welcome   to   the   links   to   all   things   automotive.

Here you will find all the automotive websites that interst me. If ya like what you see or would like to suggest a site drop me a line. I have used pictures on this and other pages that I have found on the www and I would like to thank everybody who's pictures that I have used. If you would like me to remove anything of yours also feel free to drop me a line.

However before you take a look at the links, how about taking a look at my photo galleries, eh?

The Galleries.......

Mopar; The Officiall brand of Hell
We here in Hell enjoy Mopars immensely, so we bring you this section of Mopar Performance.
FORD: First On Race Day
Galaxie Class Cruisers
Yes folks I'm dedicating this page to my namesake; The Ford Galaxie.
I love Mustangs
We build Exitement!
Beware, Buicks are here.
Don't you wish your father owned this Oldsmobile?
Japanese Cars
Rice burners
Ya gotta love 'em
Exotic cars
A little touch of class
The Ol Chevy Nova
Chevelles Malibus, El Caminos, Monte Carlos

GM's Luxo-Muscle Division
Goth Cars
Cars with a Gothic quality. Supplement to the Goth Page.
Chevy Impala
Heavy Metal
Page dedicated to my 1998 Ford ZX2

And now onto the links................

Galaxie Club

The first site where I actually managed to find a 1972 Galaxie. This is very important to me as my first (and so far only) Galaxie was a '72 and I look forward to owning more in the future.

A wonderful site that has supplied me with a great deal of B-body Mopar pictures.

The name speaks for itself.

The Toyota Homepage

The first site I ever visited on the internet.

Also one of the first sites I visited on the www. Has a wonderful section dedicated to tv and movie cars. The A-Team, Knight Rider, Batman, The Dukes of Hazzard. They're all here in pictures

Need I say more? Dupont Registry
Anybody wanna buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini or maybe a Classic '59 Caddy? Look here.

440 Magnum

They supplied the Superbird you see on this page.

Deals On Wheels

If you want to buy a muscle or collector car or perhaps a nice truck, motorcycle, racecar or rebuildable wander on into this wonderful site. I've bought many a car through thier pages.

People have driven through here.

To send an e-mail to a Galaxie far far away

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