Welcome to   the   Hell   Homepage.   Drinks   are   currently   being   served   in   the   bar.
I know, we've got you wondering; why does Hell need a homepage?

Well as many of you may or may not know; The Lord, God has decided that the former Management of Hell (i.e. Satan and his companions) screwed up. So he has left me, Galaxie Starliner and a few of my select people in charge of operating the new more user friendly Hell.

The upper management and myself have decided to give you this homepage to show you what interests us. So to start off with, if you are easily disturbed, it would probably be a good idea for you to go watch the

Muppets and leave the computer world to the more mature people out here that can handle actual reality.

With all that mumble jumble out of the way, let me say that what you will find here is an interesting array of things that interest us here in the upper management of Hell. Please do not be alarmed, this will all make sense soon, at which point, you will wake up SCREAMING!!!!!!!!

After a long hiatus, the Hell Homepage has finally been redone. Yes folks, that means an update and it's about dambed time, eh? For any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact your host.

Hell also has it's own e-mail list, if you'd like more information you can visit the Hell-Inc e-mail list home. .
So kick back, relax, sacrifice some time to Hell and have fun...............................


Links to the rest of Hell and our interests

Hell Staff
If they are currently on the Staff here in Hell, you'll find thier websites here.
Automotive Links
So you wanna link to something automotive, huh? Walk this way.
Those we call friend
Sites that we consider friends to Hell
Television links
Links for those of you who watch too much tv or atleast watched too much tv in the '80's.
Kick out the Jams
If it's music and we like it here in Hell, it's here or will be soon.
Other entertaining stuff.
Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID.
This here would be a direct link to Satan's website.
Don't scream when ya see it just hit your back button.

Galaxie S. Starliner

Third Rock From the Sun
Milkyway Galaxy
Third demension

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