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It's been a year since my last update. Dang. Well, this isn't so much an update as an adding of a link. Click on either side of the Galaxie below to visit the Seattle Hempfest Homepage.
Seattle Hempfest Seattle Hempfest

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Galaxie's Automotive Home: I love cars, if you share my passion, visit here.
Goth Homepage: What's a goth with out a goth homepage?
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Pooh Bear: My pretty kitty.
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Rusty : Rusty is a model car that I'm building, it's homepage needs to be updated as I've made a lot of progress on it since I last updated.
1 Click the thumbnail to see my 1998 Ford ZX2. I don't have it anymore. The tranny crapped out on me a few months ago and I didn't have the $1600 to replace it. So the ZX2 is now in the boneyard. R.I.P.

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