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Galaxie S. Starliner

I'm going to use this page to post things that people tell me they would like to see. If you're here it's because you clicked on a link in an e-mail. When you're done visiting this site feel free to visit my homepage.

Pictures that have been requested of me or that I have promised to dig up:

69 Chevelle Nomad Wagon: Quarter Mile Hauler
69 Chevelle Nomad Wagon: Clean.
68 Nomad-Caprice Wagon: Advertisment
73 Chevelle SS454 Wagon: Restorable.
60 Ford Galaxie Starliner: Right Rear View
60 Ford Galaxie Starliner: Left Front View
RM Shinoda Mustang Details: This is a scan of the side of the RM Shinoda Mustang Box. It is a 167k image so please be patient if you have a slow machine.

69 Cougar Supercat Eliminator: Image is 131k
69 Cougar Supercat Eliminator: Here's a 161k closeup of the door
69 Cougar Supercat Eliminator: Advertisement, 374k

The following two Wagons are two of two ever built:

72 Hurst/Olds Vista Cruiser Wagon: Press Car from 1972 Indy 500
72 Hurst/Olds Vista Cruiser Wagon: Medical Car from 1972 Indy 500

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