This is a 1976 4 Door Nova with a 305 2bbl V8, Automatic Tranny, ARE Owtlaw Mags, 3.08:1 10 bolt Posi, non-original Lemans Blue paint with a matching blue bench seat interior.

The Nova isn't for sale and hasn't been for a long time, sorry. I no longer own this car and only hope that she's in better hands now. She's probably in car heaven though. Can't say I know. The City of Seattle decided that she was an eyesore and had her impounded. Since I had been out of town for a considerable period of time, there was nothing I could do.

I'm going to leave this page up for posterity. Though I will more than likely take down my other Nova pages in the near future to make room for other stuff. I still love Novas, but I can't say I'm as enthused about them as I once was.

In the pictures I'm the tall guy in the white shirt. The other guy is my friend kevin. These pictures were taken the day we put the AREs on it.

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