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Well folks, the ol' Gallaxie Man went out and did it, bought himself a Nova; a Blue 1976 Chevy Nova 4dr sedan. she's got a 305 V8, 2bbl Carb, turbo tranny and accelleration like a bat out of hell.

Well folks, I am now residing in Chicagoland and I had to leave the Nova back in Seattle but you can still view pictures of her right here.

Please send me your Nova pics and I'll post them. I'm very partial towards later Nova's and this page is not for those BOXY WANNA BE NOVAS THAT TOYOTA BUILT!!!!!!!!

My picture galleries currently contain pictures that I have gleaned of the net. Unless something goes terribly wrong, I will link to any and all pages that I take pictures from. If I have used a picture of yours and you wish me to remove it, drop me a line and I'll remove it.

This page last modified by the folks at Hell Inc. 07/29/99

If you have a Nova you would like me to feature drop me a line. This page is still young and I will modify it whenever I can. If you have a Nova that you would like featured on my site drop me a line. I prefer '75-79 models and they along with Hatchbacks and 4 Door models will take precident. But if you have a nice pre-75 drop me a line.

The Nova galleries

Nova Gallery: updated 10/15/98
Pontiacs Brethren to the Nova. updated 9/21/98: Venturas, Phoenixs (that don't look like Citations) and GTOs.
Oldsmobile's X-Body : OMEGA!!!! updated 9/21/98
Buick's Luxo X-Body: Posh
My Nova: Here she is, My 1976 Nova 4 Door........
Nova Group Cars: if you subscribe to and your Nova isn't here, I want it to be.

Now Nova Links:

The Nova Internet resource
The ultimate place for Novas on the net just got it's own Domain.
Qtrmile's Homepage
If you love Novas (and why would you be here if you didn't), you'll love this site.
73 Nova Custom
If ya like 73 Novas, you'll like this.
Larry's Nova Station Wagon Page
On a scale of 1-10 I rate this page a 19 for content. But I LOVE WAGONS!!!
Scott's Beastly '75 Nova
Hey he's got a banner for Evergreen Speedway on his site. Three cheers for the Northwest Nova Guys.
Scott's '76 Nova SS
NICE CAR. And I'm not saying that just because it's a '76.
1973 Nova SS
Pretty limited site but if ya wanna see a nice '73 SS go here.
1967 Chevy II SS
Nice site with classifieds. I have an ad here for my Nova.
Brian's Chevy Nova Page
nicer than most geocities sites I've seen. And it's a Nova site ofcourse.

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