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So ya wanna know where I go on the web and the places I like to visit, huh? Well folks, here's a bunch of links to sites that I consider Zone worthy. If you'd like your site posted here, feel free to drop me a contact your host and I'll check it out, if I like It, I'll add it.
The featured links for this update are:

The Model Car List. I can't say enough about the help that the Model Car List has been to me in my hobby. The list is a great bunch of guys and gals whom are more than helpful if you have a question relating to model cars. I've met a few people from the list and have created some great friendships. We have some of the greatest writers in the model car world on the list as well as many of the aftermarket suppliers and kit retailers, not to mention average guys like me that just like to play around with plastic.

Our second featured link is a wonderful site for writers called By clicking on the button, you will be taken to my Fragx page but by using the links on the left side of the page, you'll be able to navigate the entire site.

Okay, here's the links...

Impala: A Dream ComeTrue: Ever wanted to know the history of the Chevy Impala? It's right here.
The Official Jeanette Lee Homepage: This siteis dedicated to the most beautiful and talented pool player in the world.
The Knight Rider Webring: If you love Knight Rider, this is the place for you.
The Official Comedy Central Soutpark Site: Kenny, Kyle, Cartman and Stan, need I say more?
Useless Movie Quotes: Want movie Quotes, they're probably here.
The Wraith's Unofficial Homepage: The only Web Site on the internet solely devoted to the 1986 Blockbuster "The Wraith"
The Weekly World News Online: Want a good laugh?
Mad Max FAQ: Interested in Mad Max? If it's not here, it's not Mad Max.
Drew's Script-O-Rama: Drew's got scripts for movies that haven't even produced yet. I used to visit this site back when my only way to the net was through Unix.
The Urban Legends Homepage: Somebody you another off the wall e-mail claiming KFC ain't really chicken, well here's the truth to those urban legends.
The Cow is Now: Mancow: Mancow Mullers site for Mancow's morning madness. Farther right than Rush, but more entertaining than Howard.
Audiofind.com: Need an MP3? It'sprobably here.
Winged Warriors: If you like B-Body Mopars such as Superbirds, Daytonas, Chargers and the likes, you'll consider this heaven.
G-Body.org: This site is dedicated to GM G-bodies such as Monte Carlos, Cutlass' and the like built after 1977.
Abuse-A-tron: Need a little Abuse in your day? Feeling too happy? Go here to get insulted.
Mimic Model Accessories: Need the perfect wheels or decals for your model car? Look no further.
Fantastic Plastics.com: Looking for a model ca? Before you pay too much at the local hobby shop, pay Len a visit.
Twin Peaks Online: Oneofmy all time favoriteTV shows.
eScaleCars.com : An internet E-zine dedicated to model cars
Gilley's Auto Wreckers: They've got hundreds of classic and antique cars in thier inventory
The Slightly Less Than Official Spork Homepage: Can you think of a more misunderstood and maligned utensil
Pontiac Mike: This guy REALLY loves Pontiacs
The Premier Firebird Trans Am Gallery: The biggest and best resource for Firebird pictures on the Net!!
Muppets.com: I Love Kermit.
The Heathers Homepage: How Very.

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All completed searches with this Google box will result in 3 cents being donated to keeping the Model Car List Website Alive and kicking. For more info visit The Model Car List Homepage.The Model Car List is only affiliated with this site in that I am an active member of the list. If you like model cars and would like to join an e-mail discussion group on model cars, visit the Model Car List Hompage where you can sign up.